2022-Oct-4: Digital Health Forum Session 4

Type: Recorded Event
Price: $20.00


2022 Michigan Forum for Digital Health - Session 4

KEYNOTE ADDRESS - The Evolving World of Digital Technologies - Transforming Health Innovation and Care


Session Description

An informative peak into the burgeoning world of digital health by one of the field’s most influential thought leaders. Hear how innovative and disruptive digital technologies are being developed to improve and expand healthcare and actively engage patients and consumers in their health.




Stephen Rapundalo, PhD, MichBio, President and CEO




David Rhew, MD, Microsoft, Global Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and VP of Healthcare


Forum Description

The Future of Healthcare is Digital

The Michigan Forum on Digital Health is a gathering of thought leaders, innovators, providers, and change-makers to discuss what’s possible in digital health and how to get there.

Healthcare and consumer wellbeing in the future is likely to be defined by interoperable data, secure platforms, and patient-focused, personalized tools.

The Forum will explore the opportunities and complexities of commercializing technologies into the healthcare system, the hurdles to overcome in gaining adoption, the social, regulatory and legal considerations that govern health data, and the critical technology and business issues facing the deployment of digital health devices, tools and services.

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