2021-June-16: Medical Device Summit, Breakout 2

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Michigan Medical Device Summit - Breakout 2

MedTech Supply Chains Upended 


Session Description

The COVID-19 pandemic tested the resilience of global medical device supply chains, everything from supply and demand to shipping and workplace capacity. Delays within facilities, along with disruption in relationships with customers and suppliers, exposed shortcomings in supply chains. Thus, OEMs are reevaluating this key component of their operations, while smaller manufacturers are eagerly vying for the opportunity to enter or expand into the market. What does the landscape look like today for the medical device supply chain? How can companies bolster supply chain performance while still meeting regulatory compliance? Can Michigan suppliers be harnessed more to support the needs of the state’s medtech OEMs?




Colin Dillon - Data & Strategy Manager, Pure Michigan Business Connect, Michigan Economic Development Corporation 



Raul Carreras - Senior Vice President, Global Operations, Terumo Cardiovascular 

Sean Callaghan - President, Medbio 

Amy Papranec, MBA - Vice President, Operations, C2Dx 

Adam Paltzer - Vice President, Operations, ABLE Medical Devices 


Summit Description

Advancing Healthcare and Improving Lives Through Medical Technology 

The Michigan Medical Device Summit is a gathering of thought leaders, innovators, providers, and change-makers to discuss critical issues facing the state’s medical technology sector. The medical device industry was upended as the Covid pandemic raged, resulting in expansions, pivots, and recalibration – but business went on, it had to for most. The Summit will provide strategic insights on the latest in medical device innovation and manufacturing, regulation and compliance, supply chains, market access, and more. OEMs, contract suppliers and providers, academics and other professionals involved in Michigan’s medtech sector can garner new knowledge, tactics and best practices, while making valuable connections in this interactive event. 

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